Without: Sally Underwood and Roxy Walsh

18 April – 16 May 2015

A Tree

Its trunk is a beam from an old Berlin apartment block, the branches are made from timber usually used as roofing slats. It forms a sparse shelter: a putative tree. At the finissage, people may sit under it.

A Bench

A copy of a Berlin street bench, but bowed to face outwards, as on a circular seat that surrounds a tree.

Studio Shelves

The kind of shallow shelves that I use in the studio to set paintings-in-progress on. Some of the paintings on the shelves are square panels that are near to monochrome, others are more pictorial. The wall paintings are painting as a kind of architecture.


We had a tonne of engineering bricks for Outwith, our last show. Most of them have been stolen in the meantime, but there are still enough to sit on.

A Giant Egg

Its profile is Euclidian in shape and it sits precariously on a tripod-plinth. It has a mottled, matte surface. The scale of it is the same as the elephant bird egg. They were the largest birds that have ever existed. They are long extinct and lived only in Madagascar. When I went to Madagascar they sold replicas of the eggs in the market for 5 Euros. I bought one but when I got to the airport the customs called me in and said that they are real and must not be taken out of the country. Apart from feeling mortified with shame, I was also baffled as to how they could be real. The customs man said that the villagers find the egg fragments and stick them all together...

An essay by Simon Clark accompanies the artists' work.

About the artists

Roxy Walsh and Sally Underwood met at Braziers International Artists’ Workshop in 2006 and have worked together since 2011. Their most recent exhibition was 'Outwith' at Art Exchange, University of Essex, in January 2015. They were shortlisted for the MAC International in 2014 and their exhibition 'Dependent Rational Animals', with a catalogue text by Anne Enright, was at Towner, Eastbourne, in 2013. 'Without' at Chandelier is their sixth exhibition together.

Roxy Walsh (born County Tyrone, 1964) attended Manchester Polytechnic. Her work was shortlisted for the John Moores Painting Prize in 2014. Recent solo shows include 'Two Tongues Tied', Leyden Gallery, London; 'Body Language', Galerie Peter Zimmerman, Mannheim and 'The Lady Watercolourist' at The MAC, Belfast.

Sally Underwood (born Berkshire, England, 1966) attended Chelsea School of Art and the Royal Academy, London. Recent exhibitions include 'Time Being Time', Leipzig (2012) and 'Work, Essays and Observations', Berlin (2011).